Our Honolulu school

Welcome to Hawaii Kung Fu/Cornerstone Martial Arts.

Hawaii Kung Fu/Cornerstone Martial Arts is a family-friendly martial arts organization that combines serious training with a fun, family style atmosphere.

Our goal is to provide a top quality martial arts experience for the whole family in a positive, high energy environment alongside Christian values and ethics.

Training at Hawaii Kung Fu/Cornerstone Martial Artsis more than taking martial arts lessons…it’s a journey. A journey in spiritual growth … in personal development. It’s about discovering your limits, and moving beyond them.

To advance through the ranks, along with the required martial arts material, each student must complete required reading and study. Subjects range from history and background on martial arts and related culture, to personal growth and spirituality.

Material is tailored to the individual, with books such as, WILD AT HEART, THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, and BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND, just to name a few, as required reading.

Children’s classes include Bible study, required reading, “mat chat” on subjects such as: courtesy, honesty, discipline…and more.

Did you know that the term "kung fu" actually means to accomplish mastery of something through time and effort?

It’s work, but it’s also a lot of fun. We train hard, have a good time and build relationships. You see…fellowship is also a big part of what we’re about.

Prospective students begin with an initial interview and introductory lesson to give us both a chance to see if this school is the right one for you.

Now… if this sounds appealing to you... If this stirs in you a sense of adventure you thought was long gone.. If this is how you want your children to train in the martial arts, not just to be able to fight…but to have the courage to choose not to fight....If this is what you thought martial arts training was supposed to be…

…then read on.

Hawaii Kung Fu/Cornerstone Martial Arts…so much more than just a martial arts school!

What We Are

Originally, self-defense was only a part of martial arts training. Training in the original temples was aimed at developing the mind, body, and the spirit.

Hawaii Kung Fu/Cornerstone Martial Arts is a learning center dedicated to equipping it's students with the tools to fully train the spirit, mind, and body.

In ancient times, martial artists practiced martial arts along side of their spiritual studies. Martial arts were considered much too dangerous to teach to just anyone and hopeful applicants were carefully screened before admittance. Spiritual training was a required part of the curriculum to insure the arts were handed down to men and women with high moral character.

Hawaii Kung Fu/Cornerstone Martial Arts is a Christian organization that teaches martial arts along with practical principles and life skills from the Bible.

Our goal is to equip the student with the tools to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually to their full potential, in a modern Christian equivalent of the spirit of the original Shao-Lin temples.

What We Are Not

We are not a "fight club". Self-defense is important to us, and we put a heavy emphasis on practical application and sparring. Still, our main goal is personal development and spiritual growth.

We are not a "black belt factory". If what you're looking for is a guaranteed black belt for you or your children in 12-18 months, this school is probably not for you.

However, if what you are looking for is quality martial arts instruction taught in the traditional manner with modern training methods, and traditional values, your search is over.

(Currently instruction in Honolulu is private only. Contact Sifu David for details.)